Smart Snacks In School On Good Day Sacramento

I had the pleasure of visiting Courtney Dempsey with Good Day Sacramento last week to discuss the USDA’s new Smart Snacks In School rules, which go into effect this July 1st.

HUMAN’s Media Mogul also had a nice debut as we gave the viewers a machine demo and showed off some of the products that will meet the new Smart Snacks In School rules, including one of our favorite products, Hint Water. If you remember, earlier this year, HUMAN debuted its new “HUMAN Touch” machine in the Hint Water booth at Expo West [read about it here].

School locations that are interested in complying with Smart Snacks In School should check out our resource site here.

I had a blast being in Sacramento and then visiting Google headquarters for the #GIFA conference.


Healthy Vending Launches in Chattahoochee & Columbus, Georgia

HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchisees Greg Burch and Liz Wise made headlines at their local NBC station last week for helping to improve the nutrition of kids in their community (Chattahoochee County, Georgia) by launching healthy vending machines in schools.

Check it out!

Why is having healthful school snack options important?

  • Research shows that students learn to adapt to and enjoy more nutritious foods when they replace less-healthy items such as salty snacks or baked goods. In fact, a recent study found that updated nutrition standards have led to increased fruit and vegetable consumption. (Source: Impact of the New U.S. Department of Agriculture School Meal Standards on Food Selection, Consumption, and Waste,” Juliana F.W. Cohen, Scott Richardson, Ellen Parker, Paul J. Catalano, Eric B. Rimm, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 46(4):388-394, online March 4, 2014)
  • Even small changes to students’ diets—such as replacing a candy bar with an apple—may reduce their risk of obesity, tooth decay, and chronic illness through decreased calorie, fat, and sugar intake at school. (Source: The Kids’ Safe & Healthful Foods Project)
  • Schools that started healthful snacks in lunchtime a la carte or vending programs boosted their students’ overall daily consumption of fruit by 26 percent, vegetables by 14 percent and whole grains by 30 percent. Students also increased their consumption of fiber, calcium, and vitamins A and C. (Source: AlaimoKatherine, OleksykShannon C., DrzalNick B., GolzynskiDiane L., LucarelliJennifer F., WenYalu, and VelieEllen M. Childhood Obesity. December 2013, 9(6): 509-523. doi:10.1089/chi.2013.0052.)
  • High school students in CA reported less in-school intake of fat, sugar, and total calories compared to students in states that do not regulate competitive food nutritional content. (Source: Taber, Chriqui, and Chaloupka, Arch Ped and Adol Med, 2012)
  • Children consume 19-50% of their daily food intake at school. (Source: The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service)

For information on having a HUMAN healthy vending machine or micro market at your school, hospital, gym or business location, please click here. For information on becoming a HUMAN franchisee, please click here.

Healthy Vending in Hospitals Becomes Reality w/ Holy Cross Launch

Healthy vending in hospitals is a growing trend thanks to increased health consciousness and legislation driving the demand for healthy vending options in both public and private spaces. HUMAN is proud to announce its partnership with Sodexo to work together to provide Holy Cross Hospital’s patients and employees with healthful options.  [You can read the full press release here].

Miami New Times recently featured HUMAN’s healthy vending machines in a story (the picture below is linked):

Miami New Times & HUMAN Healthy Vending

With the USDA’s new Smart Snacks In School rules going into effect on July 1st, Miami schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program will have to adhere to new standards on what can be sold in vending machines, a la carte lines, student stores and fundraisers. Schools are encouraged to visit HUMAN’s resource site at to learn more.

For information on having a HUMAN healthy vending machine or micro market at your school, hospital, gym or business location, please click here. For information on becoming a HUMAN franchisee, please click here.

HUMAN Ranked as Top Homebased Franchise

We are proud to announce that HUMAN has ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Top Homebased Franchises as the #1 vending franchise and #81 overall.

You can find the full list in the April issue of the magazine.

The Top Homebased Franchises rankings are pulled from companies that made Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® that also offer franchisees the opportunity to own the business without an office space or retail location.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500® is the world’s first and most comprehensive franchise ranking. Recognized by entrepreneurs and franchisors as a top competitive tool of measurement, the Franchise 500® measures franchises’ financial strength and stability, growth rate, and system size.

The Top Homebased Franchises issue also featured a two-page spread on HUMAN franchisees Trevor Hawley and Zach Dirks who are based in Fremont, Calif. and run their HUMAN franchise from a boat. Zach and Trevor have 17 healthy vending machines in the field and have an exclusive contract with the Fremont Unified School District. Last year, Zach and Trevor were in the running for the International Franchise Association’s “Franchisee of the Year” award.


Way to go HUMAN and way to go, Zach and Trevor!